Monday, June 11, 2012

4:30 AM... An Ungodly Hour...

Oh the dreaded Monday morning alarm -

It blares at an ungodly hour; 4:30 AM like a foghorn in the silence....ok more like a bad radio station playing cheesy 90's hits, crackling from the bad connection.

Why so early?

To beat the insane heat of the desert. This hour is the only way I can get out and get my miles in before the crippling heat takes over.  Once the sun is up, the hope of a workout is gone. The predawn wake up is a necessary evil of fitness survival in the desert.

So... 4:30 it is. Stumbling down the stairs... my household knows to step out of my path. There's no messing with pre-caffeinated mom. They won't win and  they know it.

I make my way to the kitchen, pour a about a cup of grounds in the French Press Pot, wait for the water on the stove to  boil, pour it over the grounds and  then waiting... waiting... waiting... waiting for my first cup of thick mud-like liquid awake.

Yes. At this hour, I can't afford to be, nor do I have the awareness to be a coffee snob.  The mud will suffice for now.  The good cup will wait.  It comes with Mary Sunshine. She is much more picky than the Grumpy Gretta, the Sleepy Sally, and the Moody Madge that call me their residence - at least until Joe serves the eviction notice...

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Cup is Revived!

To honor my sweet morning companion, my true friend and confidant, the one that regardless of my morning attitude, or my morning looks, is there to comfort, revive, and listen unfailingly to whatever gripes I have for the day.... I am resurrecting this blog.

I hope you will join me here for daily, or almost daily musings over my cup o' joe. But, fair warning:...
Most of these post will be pre-caffeinated, half-awake, and morning stumbling musings.  If you follow me in other places, do not be alarmed. An imposter has not taken over by blog.  This is me, my morning self, just another facet of who I am: a caffeine dependent close to middle aged woman trying desperately to get herself up and going for the day!

If I sound snippy- so sorry.

If I am not chipper - too bad.

If I am not yet a barrel of sunshine to brighten your morning - get over it.

Check my other blogs, my twitter posts, or my Facebook page in about 10 minutes. You'll get that happy sunny fix you're looking for. By then the caffeine will have taken effect....