Monday, November 10, 2008

Can There Be That Many Blends?

Have you ever wondered if the coffee industry is just trying to pull one over on us, the poor caffeine dependent public? Is it all just a big joke and the coffee "execs" are sitting in their big offices with their sterling silver coffee mugs laughing?

Seriously... its amazing how many different blends of coffee there are. It seems like everyday of the year there is a different "blend" brewing. From Thanksgiving Roasts, to Winter Blends, to Holiday Brews, to Christmas Coffee, just to name a few at the holiday time, how is a consumer to choose? The constant flipping of the "serving today" sign is enough to make even the most skilled seaman a little seasick!

How do you tell an organic shade grown bean from a hillside in Central America from a full sun, city grown bean roasted in central Los Angeles - laden with pesticides? I don't know that you really can. For now I guess we just have to trust that the coffee companies are being honest with us.

Is there such thing as a coffee sommelier? Maybe I can get in on a gig like that......Hmmmmm.

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Beth said...

Now that would be a fun job - if you love coffee (and there is such a career!).