Monday, November 24, 2008

My Cup Runneth Over

Whether you call it java, joe, brew, or just plain coffee....ever cup I drink comes with overflowing blessings.

First, I am blessed to be able to get myself to my coffee spot everyday. I have been blessed with good health, safe and reliable transportation (via my car, my bike or my feet).

Second, I am blessed that I am able to purchase my cup each day. Yes, it is only a $1 refill each morning, but it today's world, many don't even have that much extra to spend.

Third, I am blessed to live in a place where I am allowed to come and go as I please, whether that be to my coffee spot, or anywhere else.

Lastly, I am lucky that I even have a refill mug to....refill. There are many people in the world that don't even have that!

The small things that I sometimes take for granted, come into clearer view at this time of year. I am grateful for all of the big things, but the little things get a bit clearer.

I am grateful that every year at this time I realize - my cup runneth over.

1 comment:

Amy is a survivor! said...

I"m glad you are noticing these things. They are all over. We are blessed daily in thousands of small just takes time to recognize some of the blessings!