Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fall Beans

I love walking into my coffee spot in the fall.

The shop brews an autumn blend coffee that is absolutely delicious! It is a nutmegy, rich, dark roast. Perfect with a little cream and some honey.....oooh, it's so good. Pair it with one of their warm pumpkin bagels, and there you have it, the breakfast of queens.

It seems that everyone in there is in a different mood when fall rolls around. People are a little more pleasant, a little more talkative, and a little less likely to complain at the long lines. I'm not sure why this happens. Maybe it's because here in the southwest, where it is still 100 degrees during the day, the fall menu signals that cooler weather is acomin'.

We don't have the fall foliage like a lot of people do. We don't have "sweater weather" in October - that doesn't come until December. We don't even have harvest festivals and parades that are a staple in many areas of the country at this time of year. All of the autumnal activities that usher in the fall just don't happen here. It's almost a little sad.

But, here, at least in my little corner of the southwest, I will choose to be joyful even though we don't have a true fall. I can be happy that the cooler weather is coming - the forecast says we'll be in the upper 80's next week. I can enjoy the changing color of the bagels as they add pumpkin flavored to the mix. And I can and certainly will enjoy the fall beans!

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