Sunday, October 26, 2008


I pulled up to my coffee spot this morning. SCORE! I got the parking spot right in front of the door.

I walked in and again - SCORE! My favorite table to the right of the soda machine was sitting there, empty, just waiting for me.

I get in line to order my Sunday bagels and sweets to take home to the family and for a third time - SCORE! The pumpkin muffins were freshly made and iced, waiting just for me to take home.

Now I am not a believer in fate, but I do believe that some things are just meant to be. I don't think that the stars aligning in a certain way will increase the chances that something good will happen. I believe that if we live our lives in a way that treats people the way we want to be treated - by the golden rule, we will be rewarded.

In this case, I am a faithful and loyal customer to my coffee spot. I visit it almost every morning. I am patient even when the line is long. I clean my table up after I use it. I am friendly and polite to the employees. In return, my coffee spot provides me with good service, a place to rest my weary bones, and some darn good coffee!

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BetsyR said...

Wish I could be there to have a cup of darn good coffee, a pumpkin muffin and a visit with my precious daughter. Great blog! You have a way with go girl!