Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sacred Grounds

As I looked at my facebook page this morning, one of my friends posted a comment that she was enjoying a nice cup of a very large coffee chain's coffee. Immediately, I began to crave a cup of that hot, dark, rich, liquid sunshine. I needed to fill my tank with a gallon or so of high octane morning juice.

Because my eyes were glued to my monitor, my thoughts wandered to how I could combine two of my loves, coffee and blogging. How could I could successfully juggle a steaming hot cup of liquid that is glued to my hand for about an hour a day and at the same time move my fingers at lightening speed across my keyboard? Do I get my coffee and bring it back home to sit in front of my computer, isolated from my coffee crowd; taping out words one letter at a time with my free hand? No - that just didn't feel right. Do grab the kids laptop and take it with me to my coffee spot where I can enjoy the atmosphere around me, but still be somewhat isolated in my blogging zone? No - that didn't feel right either.

What I have concluded is that I must keep my two loves separate in order keep the sanctity of each. I must stave off my desire to multi-task to more fully enjoy what energizes me. I must recognize that my two loves are on Sacred Grounds.

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